The Friday IMterview: Ryan Moses

Here’s the first installment of a new Politicker feature: brief interviews via Instant Message, with whichever political notables are willing to participate. The interviews will be unedited, outside cleaning up obvious typos.

New York State Republican Party executive director Ryan Moses was the first bold enough to try it. And given the week he’s had, on this site and elsewhere, it only seemed fair:

benobserver: Tough week for the GOP?

[moses]: 12 months from election day I dont worry about one week
[moses]: but agreed it hasnt been our best

benobserver: which did you enjoy more: Andrea Tantaros’s article on Hillary or Bill O’Reilly’s treatment of Shelly Silver last night?

[moses]: O’Reilly’s although Andrea’s a close second

benobserver: We haven’t had a chance to talk to Weld about Decker yet. Is this going to bog down his campaign?

[moses]: I dont know enough about it but it seems to me like its just a couple people trying to make some noise to capitalize on his candidacy

benobserver: And, finally, a free association question: What springs to mind when I write the words
benobserver: Tom Golisano?

[moses]: good question, we welcome all people to the GOP

benobserver: That’s not an answer!

[moses]: it’s my answer

benobserver: cool

[moses]: I will say that some in the party have said that just because you switch your party registation doesnt mean you become the standard bearer

The Friday IMterview: Ryan Moses