The Sheekey Primary

Even before the results are in, one of the questions coming out of the Bloomberg campaign is: Whither Kevin Sheekey?

Nobody who knows Mike’s closest political advisor expects him to move back over to the Government payroll. And despite occasional rumors, I don’t think he’s likely to be running Mike’s ’08 Presidential campaign.

Sheekey could pull a Zenia Mucha, take a glamorous, behind-the-scenes corporate job (Mucha, Pataki’s advisor, is at Disney), and keep an informal advisory role with Bloomberg.

But I’m not sure the guy behind two Mayoral victories and a Republican National Convention — all of them, by the way, efforts on the scale of a presidential campaign, with budgets at least in the high eight digits — will be on the sidelines in 2008.

And there’s one campaign that, for a number of reasons, makes particular sense along these lines: John McCain‘s.

Just speculation. Sheekey emails that he’s too superstitious to talk about this stuff today. The Sheekey Primary