The Wages of Weld

Jess reported the other day that Bill Weld’s salary at Decker College was said to be $750,000; today in the Times, Weld pegs it at $700,000.

In either case, that would make Weld among America’s best-paid college presidents, earning more than Columbia’s Lee Bollinger ($638,250). An executive who makes $724,604 is the president of the enormous University of Michigan, which has a $4.6 billion budget and 39,000 students on its main campus.

And the 3,800-student Decker, which Weld described as serving a “tremendous purpose for a lot of low-income people trying to improve themselves,” wasn’t exactly Ann Arbor. Much of the reporting in Louisville has focused not on the fraud allegations but on the raw deal students seem to have gotten.

The Louisville Courier-Journal summed up its reporting on students with “worthless” training as electricians in an editorial (pay link) headlined “Training to go nowhere.” The Wages of Weld