Sorry to harp on this, but another point on the claim in the Times this morning that the Bloomberg campaign targeted not traditional demographics but “thought-based” groups:

Which thought-based group, exactly, was the target of a widely mailed flyer, colored in the green, yellow, and red associated with Africa, that was headed by the words “Join African-Americans for Bloomberg Today”?

The cover of the 8.5 by 11 inch piece shows Mike amid a group of black people, including public-workers’ chief Lillian Roberts; inside are two pages of an African-American slanted take on Mike’s record, stressing, for example, “improving the relationship between the police and our community,” improving minority test scores, and “aid[ing] minority-owned businesses in bidding on City contracts.”

The back features testimonials from Calvin Butts, Floyd Flake, and A.R. Bernard.

With the tag line “More Opportunity for Our Community,” the piece was mailed to an, er, black-thinking family in my Brooklyn building.