Weld Takes a Backseat

Visiting the Web site for Leeds Weld & Co., where William Weld was a principal for nearly five years, The Politicker noticed that the investment firm had recently changed its name to Leeds Equity Partners and removed Weld from its principal roster.

The Politicker, which has been reporting Weld’s Kentucky troubles since last Tuesday, called his campaign office to ask about the shift.

“His role changed in early September. He went from being a principal to being a senior advisor because he was putting a full-time effort into his campaign for governor,” said Dominick Ianno, a spokesman for Weld. As for the firm, he added: “The name change happened a few weeks ago.”

Visitors to the original Leeds Weld & Co. Web site, which is archived here, are now directed to the new one, with a revised list of principals. Weld’s name does not appear on the new site. Weld Takes a Backseat