Weld’s Exposure

There’s been some question about how directly Bill Weld is affected by the Decker College case that has been advancing incrementally, most recently here, in recent months.

Weld was the school’s acting chief executive in 2003 and 2004, according an account published in the Louisville Courier-Journal, which quoted another Decker owner. Of Weld’s managerial style, owner Jeffrey Woodcox said, “He was hands-on, day-to-day.”

Weld has referred calls to his lawyer, who has said he was not involved in the fraud.

The Politicker today spoke with Todd Leatherman, head of the consumer protection division at the Kentucky AG’s office. Leatherman has been investigating Decker.

Asked if Weld is a target of the investigation, he said:

“Because it’s under investigation, I’m really constrained in what I can tell you about the investigation. But basically we are going to use our best efforts to recover monies that were spent by consumers who, we believe, were misled by Decker. In the course of that, we will look at any entity and any individual that is potentially responsible for that, whether they’re a director, or a manager, or an owner.”

Does that list include Mr. Weld?

“Well he was a chief executive officer, so we are not limiting our investigation in any way at this point,” he concluded.

The Politicker asked the same questions of David Beyer at the FBI’s Louisville office. “Right now, I don’t know that we have any particular individuals from Decker under scrutiny, we’re just looking at the college,” he said. Weld’s Exposure