Who’s winning the battle of the front pages?

How to deal with a lull in the FAKE BRAVEST ‘SEX MONSTER’ epic?

Absent any news, the Post opts for an information-free account of how the FAKE BRAVEST suspect “enjoys taunting cops”–based on a cop’s guess that he’s having fun. OK, the Media Mob guesses that the ‘SEX MONSTER’ probably likes pizza, too. Might as well run with that one.

Instead of fake news on a genuine saga, the Daily News runs with genuine news on a fake saga. The bathtub death of infant Dahquay Gillians didn’t rate a story when it happened over the weekend–not with a SEX FIEND on the loose–but reckless-endangerment charges against his mother, especially given an earlier scalding incident, make for a strong cover.

Winner: Daily News

Overall standings: Daily News 8, New York Post 5 WOOD WAR XIII