Who’s winning the battle of the front pages?

It’s steak vs. sizzle: One tabloid has a thick, juicy tale of misdeeds, but with all the tasty parts concealed in tiny type; the other has a scandal-mongering scare piece, served up with reactionary hissing. Well, what do you expect from those gutter-dwelling Aussie–what? The “sex fiend” story–with its fury about the judiciary daring to “defy” an illegal move by the executive branch–is in the News? And it’s the Post soft-selling the tale of a judge allegedly undermining defendants’ chances while carrying on an affair with a prosecutor?

It’s a wonderful moral victory for the Post. And a moral victory plus 50 cents will buy you the Daily News.

Especially since the News also has Bernie Kerik’s bald dome bulging clear up out of the picture frame. Boffo!

Winner: Daily News

Overall standings: Daily News 11, New York Post 8 WOOD WAR XIX