Who’s winning the battle of the front pages?

The tabs are neck and neck on the Jordan bombings: The Daily News wins on art, going with a dead-body-on-bellhop-cart photo where the Post takes the oddly educational approach of using a tiny map graphic. The Post wins on words, with a bigger headline, punchier subhead, and a body count of 67 to the News’ 57.

So the decision comes down to the rest of the page. The Post tries to perk up the aging FIRE FIEND story by writing about the suspect’s creepy clip file; the News tries to perk up the aging election story by writing about the mayor’s future plans. But: “MIKE: 4 YRS. & I’M OUT”? Um, yeah…it’s called term limits. Duh.

Winner: New York Post

Overall standings: Daily News 9, New York Post 6 WOOD WAR XV