Who’s winning the battle of the front pages?

“DEATH PASSED HER BY”? Who cares? News flash: Death passed all of us by, if we’re still here to read today’s front page. We’re talking about a woman who barely missed getting hit by a suicide bomb! Or we would be talking about her, if anyone around here had opened the front page, which they might have if it had said “CITY WOMAN DODGES DEATH,” like it does on the inside. But it doesn’t.

“SMOKING GUN” isn’t so good, either, but thanks to the accompanying photo and a nice big subhead, the would-be reader can tell that the Post has an update in the FAKE BRAVEST ‘SEX MONSTER’ FIRE FIEND case. Sold!

Winner: New York Post

Overall standings: Daily News 9, New York Post 7 WOOD WAR XVI