Who’s winning the battle of the front pages?

Maybe the Post and the Daily News could team up to put out a separate publication, Scratch-Off Daily, in which they promote their unwinnable games of chance? So they could go back to using their newspaper front pages for news? Just a thought.

When it’s not flogging “Scratch n’ Match,” the News is flogging Peter Braunstein, who draws high-minded outrage because he wasn’t locked up for precrime. Braunstein’s pariah status is backed up by a lack of allegation quotes around “sex fiend.”

The Post appears to be wasting space on a depressing, skanky photo of depressing skank Britney Spears. But by shrinking the news hole, the Murdochians cleverly limit the room for their “war hero shot” treatment–so that the part about how the tragic victim “didn’t even realize he’d sustained a neck wound” ends up in tiny, you-already-spent-your-quarter type.

And the holiday bettor’s guide promo is a nicely amoral touch. Take the under!

Winner: New York Post

Overall standings: Daily News 14, New York Post 10