Blog Stroll, Tasini Edition

Over at The Nation, John Nichols is taking Jonathan Tasini seriously.

“Unlike Pirro, Tasini understands the issues, he’s quick on his feet, he knows his way around the state’s union halls and he recognizes that Clinton’s greatest vulnerability is a cautious centrism that has frequently put her at odds with grassroots Democrats,” he writes.

Tasini also has a blog of his own, featuring his policy and politics musings along with an insidery (and you know how we hate insidery blogs around here) view from the Change to Win wing of the labor movement. The blog also features, in comments on the post announcing his candidacy, some debate from the left over the wisdom of running.

On the Republican side, New York Press’s Azi wonders what’s up with the fact that is live. Kinda.

Up on top of the ballot, meanwhile, Scott Sala is not so impressed with a Republican Mayor for Spitzer.

Blog Stroll, Tasini Edition