Edelman Blasts Mahoney

Another day, another serious setback for Jeanine. Really, the meltdown is now pretty much total.

Mike Edelman, a Westchester lawyer who was once a young prosecutor alongside Pirro, who remains a great Pirro fan, and who is routinely quoted as a friend and advisor to the district attorney, has posted a long, rough, angry column on a site called Yonkers Tribune, blaming Pirro (and Pataki) political advisor Kieran Mahoney for Pirro’s disaster, into which he says she was “flattered, cajoled, and essentially snookered.”

“Kieran believed she could attract national attention, raise tens of millions of dollars (and he of course would get 15% of the media placements, but I digress) and would be able to ‘rough up Hillary so she couldn’t make a run for the presidency’.)…

“But, Jeanine was flattered, cajoled, and essentially snookered into believing that her ‘Larry King persona, and great law enforcement reputation, not to mention her high heels, and celebrity like appearance, were enough to make the race a ‘catfight’: Wrong again Kieran. You forgot one thing: To run for the United States Senate, the most important office in this nation outside of the presidency, you have to have the kind of knowledge and or experience that will allow you to be at ease in discussing the deficit, the balance of trade, fiscal policy, tax policy, the alternative minimum tax, tax cuts, supply side economics, foreign policy, the Iraq war, Israel and Palestine, the budget, energy policy, terrorism, immigration, etc….

“So they put Jeanine out there in August with no training in those issues, and they just let her flounder.”

I called Edelman to confirm that he, in fact, wrote the piece, which he did.

“He can’t run away from responsibility of directing Jeanine to the wrong campaign,” he said of Mahoney. Edelman Blasts Mahoney