[em]Radar [/em]Shuts Down: Maer Roshan’s Statement

Thanks to a world-class team of talent, in just a few short months, Radar Magazine and Radar Online made a significant impact on the cultural landscape, breaking news and publishing groundbreaking stories that struck a chord with our unique, much-coveted audience. The magazine built up brand recognition and credibility that many magazines spend years and millions of dollars trying to attain.

I sincerely thank Mort Zuckerman and Jeffrey Epstein for their support thus far. And I would like to extend my deepest thanks to my staff for their hard work and extraordinary dedication over the past fourteen months. We are currently engaged in productive discussions with a number of new investors and I look forward to continuing operations in the near future.

Maer Roshan
Editor In Chief, Radar Magazine [em]Radar [/em]Shuts Down: Maer Roshan’s Statement