Eva Rolls Up Sleeves

Eva has unveiled her second act: She’ll be running the brand-new Harlem Success Charter School, which is scheduled to open its doors to 155 kindergarteners and first graders in September.

The Times broke the news yesterday (best line? “Ms. Moskowitz is laying her mayoral ambitions at the tiny feet of 5-year-olds”). Eva’s press statement, which arrived this morning, included a brief, but barbed, reflection on her temporary departure from politics, and a whiff of foreshadowing.

“The last six years on the City Council have been rewarding and challenging, but it’s time to roll up my sleeves and get back to my roots,” she said in the statement. “I got into government because of public education, and some might say my positions on how to best reform it took me – at least temporarily – out of public office.” Eva Rolls Up Sleeves