Faso Backers Fire Back

GOP chaos seems to be extending down to the undercard gubernatorial scrap between John Faso and Randy Daniels. An email went out Friday from an anonymous “Randy Watch” account under the heading “Let’s set the record straight” to various Republican leaders, responding to what it describes as allegations that “were infantile in nature and describe the depths the opposition will go to knock John Faso out of the front-runners (sic) perch as we move together as a party towards December 12.”

Faso spokeswoman Susan Del Percio says the campaign has nothing to do with the typo-filled email, which plugs Faso’s Republican bona fides and adds, “Randy Daniels is running a slash-and-burn campaign led by an
ethically-challenged political team who have run lose and fast with law
enforcement officials for the past several years.”

The email also takes some whacks at Daniels’ old ally, David Dinkins.

“As Mayor of New York City, David Dinkins accomplished the following:

“- Appointed a Schools Chancellor, Joseph Fernandez, whom instituted the Rainbow Curriculum. This curriculum used the books Daddy’s Roommate, and Heather has two mommies

“- Forced City Hall and the NYPD to sit on their hands during a wave of violence against Jews in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and opposed a crackdown on the squeegee men, who terrorized commuters and visitors to New York City.”

Here we go.

UPDATE: The plot thickens. Nobody on either side of this one seems to think the piece actually came from Faso, and even one Daniels supporter suggests that the piece is actually an attempt to undermine Faso on Weld’s behalf. Go figure.

Faso Backers Fire Back