Friday IMterview: Howard Wolfson

This week’s Friday IMterview brings us Howard Wolfson, the multifarious Hillary aide, consultant to the New York State Democratic Party, and partner in the White-House-in-Exile political consulting firm the Glover Park Group. We discussed Jeanine, Hillary, the Democrats, and the difficulty of working in his business when you’ve lost your voice; he’s been mute for most of the week.

Here’s the interview, with a couple of typos corrected and a couple of lines moved around for clarity:

benobserver: [A]re you only doing this IM interview because you’ve lost your voice? And is being a communications specialist difficult when you have no voice?

[wolfson]: very
[wolfson]: its a very weird feeling
[wolfson]: its now been days
[wolfson]: perhaps if anyone has any home remedies…..

benobserver: Jeanine pirro, john spencer, ed cox: who does hillary want to run against?

[wolfson]: she is too focused on serving the people of NY to have a preference
[wolfson]: at some point we know the GOP will decide on a nominee
[wolfson]: but thats their call

benobserver: And what do you make of Jeanine’s campaign? Could this be some devious stunt designed to lull you into complacency?

[wolfson]: well
[wolfson]: i dont imagine this was the way her supporters thought it would go

benobserver: Ok. Favorite Pirro campaign moment so far?
[wolfson]: how can i choose
[wolfson]: ?

benobserver: cmon. pick one.

[wolfson]: nope

benobserver: Over to Hillary. Is she backing off her support for the war?

[wolfson]: she has been completely consistent
[wolfson]: readers can look at her statement and see for themselves

benobserver: Isn’t there a difference between “standing by” her vote and “taking responsibility” for it?

[wolfson]: they sound the same to me

benobserver: Hmm.
benobserver: In your state Dems role,
benobserver: is it a relief to see another political party in even worse shape?

[wolfson]: lol
[wolfson]: they do seem to be having some difficulties

benobserver: indeed Friday IMterview: Howard Wolfson