Friday-Morning Roundup

In The Times, Mayor Bloomberg and Larry Silverstein continue to jockey over the remaining $3.35 billion in Liberty Bonds for the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site.

Speaking of Ground Zero, Verizon returns to its headquarters at 140 West Street.

The City Council overrode the Mayor’s veto of the Council’s earlier decision to remove the landmark status of the Austin, Nichols Warehouse in Williamsburg.

The Post reports that the Port Authority’s board of commissioners has approved an agreement to begin the transfer of Piers 7 through 12 in Red Hook to the city by March 2007. For a bit more on this, see our earlier post.

In Bushwick, an illegal excavation forced the evacuation of several apartment buildings yesterday. The contractor is not known nor can be found.

Back in Billyburg, developer Mendel Brach’s in trouble for tearing down a warehouse while building the “Finger Building,” a 220-foot tower at 144 North Eighth Street, reports the Daily News.

And The Sun reports that Mr. Silverstein might have some competition for those Liberty Bonds–someone whose plans hew more closely to Jefe Bloomberg’s Ground Zero vision.

-Matthew Grace

Friday-Morning Roundup