From The Cockpit: Women On Top

An irregular dispatch from the Observer’s men’s blog.

Power Chicklets
How do those ladies over at the Catbox keep themselves so busy? Looks like one of ’em found the time to count vaginas in the Observer’s Power Geezers issue, and concluded the Pink Paper needed a little more pink! Gloria Steinem, the Salonettes report, “is one of the 10 women on the Observer’s 31-person geezer list (cough, cough).”

It’s cute when chicks try to do stuff with numbers! Sorta like the Powder Puff football game on Homecoming Thursday, huh? No tackling, now!

But so we’re gonna help you out with some more of that math stuff, because we’re chivalrous. The geezers who got profiled were generally over 70. And when you subtract 70 from 2005, you get…1935.

So we’re talking here about a generation born 37 years before Title IX (we know, sorry: more numbers! But that’s the law that says you girls get your own basketball teams and stuff). We’re sorry that the Observer couldn’t include, for instance, the female members of the New York Five. Or the woman who runs Conde Nast.

We’ll try to improve the numbers when we do Power Secretaries.

Tom “HO HO…. WHOA!” Scocca

From The Cockpit: Women On Top