Hillary’s Irrelevant Critics

Hillary‘s complicated position on the war, her venture into flag-burning legislation, and the general sense that she’s suddenly heading out in a number of different directions produce a pretty automatic result for reporters, including this one: call some of her supporters, and see if they’ll trash her.

The lesson of the week, though, is that getting daylight between Hillary and even moderately important institutional players (with the real exception of MoveOn) isn’t that easy. The Village Voice, The Forward, and The Post all went this route without making it in from the margins of politics. Instead, the stories all dwell on the exceptions that prove the rule.

The Voice heads for “[g]et-out-the-vote powerhouses like the Village Independent Democrats, the Chelsea Reform Democratic Club, and Democracy for NYC,” and finds heads of downtown clubs including one Steven Skyles-Mulligan and one William Stricklin to express their discontent. Also, “Michael Sussman, a former Orange County Democratic Committee member.” Also “Jeff Cohen, the founder of Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting, who lives in Woodstock.” And “Charles Lenchner of White Plains, who helped found the Progressive Democrats of America.”

The Forward, meanwhile, notes Jonathan Tasini’s roots in Labor Zionism (not, let’s say, the world’s most vibrant political movement these days) and finds “two leading anti-war rabbis associated with the Jewish Renewal movement, Michael Lerner and Arthur Waskow” to criticize Hillary.

This isn’t to say that the people the two weeklies find to knock Hillary aren’t serious and thoughtful. Just that they seem to speak only for themselves.

The Post, meanwhile, wins the prize on the irrelevant-critic front, bringing (amusing) news that Bob Kunst, the unkempt founder and sole foot-soldier of Hillary Now!, has lost his faith. The beginning of the end for Hillary. Hillary’s Irrelevant Critics