Hoops to Jump Through and Other Hoops

The Sun predicts Tish James’ measure on eminent domain will pass the City Council next week, urging the state legislature to pass restrictions on the government’s seizure of land.

Tom Angotti rips the city’s deal on the Bronx Terminal Market in The Gotham Gazette, arguing the money-back guarantee for The Related Companies‘ investment takes all the fun out of real estate speculation.

The Jets and Giants unveil plans for their new stadium in New Jersey
, including $225 million for highway improvements that transit advocates say will obviate the demand for a new train station.

WNYC’s Andrea Bernstein visits artists in the Atlantic Yards’ footprint–and reveals that Simon Liu, a vocal opponent of the project, is “in talks” with developer Forest City Ratner to find a place to move to.

-Matthew Schuerman Hoops to Jump Through and Other Hoops