In Today’s Observer, Power Geezers: Bruno’s Gun, Rangel’s Retirement

We’ve got a couple of news stories in this week’s paper, including Jess Bruder’s and my look at Bill Weld’s predicament, in which he’s gamely downing pork for breakfast and putting up with Joe Bruno’s continued suggestions that another, better candidate is still out there; and Jason Horowitz’s take on the weakened position of City Council Speaker. (“Anarchy!” ex-Speaker Vallone warns.)

But the heart of the special issue is the section on the people the editors are calling “Power Geezers,” identifying an unexpected twist in today’s New York: “Whatever it was, it made a difference: New York remained the City of Ambition, but the ambitious were older, and New York—where the young once ate seniors for lunch—found itself being run by a new, grizzled, tenacious protagonist: The Power Geezer.”

I spent some time with Joe Bruno, at the height of his power (and one of the most open interview subjects I’ve ever met) who showed me his guns. Literally.

Jason talked to Bob Morgenthau and Charlie Rangel, and has the news that Rangel will likely retire if the Democrats don’t retake the House.

Also, Rupert Murdoch, Ramsey Clark, Larry Silverstein, Gloria Steinem, and many more. It’s a juicy issue. Enjoy.

In Today’s Observer, Power Geezers: Bruno’s Gun, Rangel’s Retirement