Jeanine’s Inheritor

If Jeanine goes, and Republicans can’t talk Ed Cox back into the race (he seems, understandably, to want them to ask very nicely), Hillary’s likely challenger is a man whom, did he not exist, Ann Lewis might have had to invent: former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer.

“Dear Smart Conservative,” begins a recent fundraising letter from Spencer, and in a campaign already characterized by hysterical fundraising pleas from both Clinton and Pirro, this one may set a new standard.

The four-page letter is full of chatty asides: “Plus, while I’m at it, I should mention I’m BIG on 2nd Amendment rights.” And there’s a nice intramural potshot: “It doesn’t help that a liberal RINO (Republican in Name Only), Jeanine Pirro, is also running.”

But the heart is a plea to give Spencer money to publicize his “five appalling reasons why Hillary Clinton must NEVER be President,” which “will never be reported in the mainstream New York media.”

The Politicker is here to help. We’re fairly mainstream, if narrowstream, and here, without further ado, are Spencer’s hidden insights:

1. Hillary Clinton is just not serious about the war on terror. She wants to slash military spending…

2. Hillary Clinton will force you into government-controlled socialized medicine!…

3. Hillary Clinton will forcibly take your tax dollars to support illegal immigrants — their housing, schools, and health care…

4. Hillary Clinton wants a Supreme Court dominated by leftists…

5. Hillary Clinton wants your tax money paying for abortions and special rights for homosexuals.

OK, grant him number 4. And number 1, I think, is flatly false. The others, let’s call tendentious.

In any case, now the secrets are out.

Jeanine’s Inheritor