Who’s the Boob? To the Editor: Tish Durkin’s article “Breast Is Best? This Bad Mom Trusts the Bottle” [New Yorker’s

Who’s the Boob?

To the Editor:

Tish Durkin’s article “Breast Is Best? This Bad Mom Trusts the Bottle” [New Yorker’s Diary, Dec. 5] was very honest.

So many moms I work with just make really lame excuses for why they didn’t breast-feed: “My milk never came in”; “The baby likes the bottle better”; “I couldn’t take antibiotics, so I had to wean.” All of which are not true ….

So, although I obviously disagree—as a mom, a public-health/maternal child-health worker and a lactation counselor—Ms. Durkin is being honest and calling a spade a spade. It is all about her, and there, she said it.

Now, Ms. Durkin should print out her article and put it in her baby’s time capsule so that he or she can read it one day.

Mirine Dye

The Florida Keys

Pronoun Problem

To the Editor:

For an actor who once woke up in a hospital bed exclaiming, “Where’re my tits!?”, shame on Rex Reed for not using proper pronouns when referring to Stanley/Bree, pre-op or not [“Ch-ch-ch-anges!”, On the Town, Dec. 5].

I am also a pre-op trans-woman, and I take issue with anyone who would refer to me as “he” or “his.” Doesn’t Mr. Reed think it’s time we start taking gender-identity disorder and transgenderism seriously? Our lives are not humorous. They’re full of pain and loss, and I can’t wait to see the movie to witness how these issues are dealt with.

Let’s have less trans-phobia and camp, and a lot more dignity and respect. Kudos to Felicity Huffman for taking this role.

I am still a fan, but he should be more careful in the future.

Jane Hamel

Croton on Hudson, N.Y.

Widen Your Audience

To the Editor:

Mark Lotto’s piece [“Welcome to Schnooklyn,” Dec. 5] offers readers, yet again, a unidimensional lens through which to view New York City’s most populous borough. Even though your audience disproportionately inhabits the Cobble Hill to Park Slope precincts, it would nonetheless be salutary to read of a Kings County social category beyond young professionals and professed celebrities. Who knows, maybe someone in Canarsie might even pick up a copy of The Observer.

Leonard Benardo


Conservative Double Standard

Re “Harvard Law on a Heterodox Spree, Listing to Right” [Anna Schneider-Mayerson, Dec. 5]: Funny that conservatives who oppose quotas and affirmative action seem to want law schools to impose quotas or affirmative action to hire conservative professors.

Marc Zilversmit

San Francisco

People in Glass Houses ….

To the Editor:

So now it’s former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, of the uptight and restrictive suburb of Brookline, taking a swipe at Albany [“Jolly Bill Weld Running Despite Wreck of Decker,” Jessica Bruder, Dec. 5].

Such slights are so tiresome. Must we endure this one from someone who’s widely said to have gone off on vacation somewhere with a book on the Swedish approach to land-use policies for his reading pleasure?


Jim McGrath

Albany Letters