Sabrina Gabriella Kizer

Oct. 6, 2005

6:27 a.m.

7 pounds, 6 1¼2 ounces

New York Hospital

“Run the lights—you won’t get a ticket!” screamed Carol Kizer at the driver as their cab careened up First Avenue toward the hospital where she was to give birth to her second daughter. Ms. Kizer, 37, had disregarded the warnings of well-meaning friends who cautioned that baby No. 2 comes more quickly than No. 1, and waited half an hour after her first contraction before waking her husband of five years, Jorge Kizer (also 37 and a cardiologist at the aforementioned hospital). The couple returned to their Upper East Side two-bedroom with this big-bellied, thick-haired ball of love. “She looks like this guy I used to work with,” said Mom, a former acquisitions editor for Aspen Publications who’s staying home with the kids for now. “It’s funnier if you know the guy.” Older sis Jacqueline, 2, has learned how to give the new arrival her pacifier. “I was terrified of how it was going to be,” Ms. Kizer said. “But as long as Jackie gets 100 percent of everyone’s attention, everything’s fine.”

Sabrina Gabriella Kizer