Senator Golisano? Not so much.

After Page Six floated some Republicans’ hope that Tom Golisano would slide over to run for Senate, The Politicker emailed a Republican-close-to-Golisano for comment.

The response:

WELD RUNNING FOR SENATE? Excellent idea……it’s a job he ran for before so he obviously wants it.

-TG is a MANAGER who ran a billion dollar company
– He has no interest in going to Washington DC
– this is a guy made billions and STAYED in Rochester
– a real New Yorker.

Besides Weld would join a fraternity of carpetbaggers who have run for the Senate in NY — Hillary, RFK and Ramsey Clark.

And Weld can raise $50M according to him – enough to compete with Hil.

Back to the drawing board… Senator Golisano? Not so much.