So Nasty, So Soon

Knowing that these things typically get locked up early, the candidates for the Republican nomination for Governor aren’t holding their fire for next year. And it’s not just the nominal frontrunner, Bill Weld, on the receiving end; as John Faso seems to be poking his head out of the muck of the second tier, there’s an effort underway to drag him back down.

“The anti-Faso forces have been circulating opposition research that has gotten some legs because Medicaid is one of the hottest issues Upstate(mainly because of its impact on property taxes),” writes a correspondent.

The oppo piece — anonymously circulated, but of benefit at least to Randy Daniels — goes after Faso’s lobbying practice along these lines: “It is also a fact that John Faso, the Albany lobbyist, represents a group disciplined by USDOJ for Medicaid Fraud!”

(The company in question is Bayer Healthcare, which settled a fraud case in 2001 and is a client of Faso’s firm; the research piece neglects to mention that Faso wasn’t at the firm in 2001.) So Nasty, So Soon