Son of Ted

Among the contenders for the West Side assembly seat vacated by Scott Stringer is Tom Weiss, the son of legendary, liberal Congressman Ted Weiss, who sought to impeach Ronald Reagan over the Grenada invasion. (Those were the days!)

The younger Weiss is not a West Side political insider. His connection to politics has been via Israel, of which he’s a dual citizen and where, according to the bio on the Web site of the pro-Israel group he now runs, he was one of the “top three voice-over artists.”

Says his press release: “The thought process behind Tom’s platform is ‘Don’t sit on the sidelines, come join the team. Let’s connect people, providing hope and making peoples lives more enjoyable, more aware and certainly happier.'”

At the moment, the several candidates are preparing for a special election, and under the state’s peculiar rules, a serious edge will go to whomever the local members of the Democratic Committee pick, likely with the guidance of Stringer and Rep. Jerry Nadler, Ted Weiss’s successor. That, I’m told by people who follow these things, is likely to be Nadler aide Linda Rosenthal. If the Democratic nominee does with the special election, however, he or she is still likely to face a real primary in September from one of the other candidates, who are listed here.

(And — don’t worry Betsy — he’s not that Tom Weiss.)

NOTE: It took about three seconds after I posted this for another person who follows the race rather closely to get in touch to argue that there’s no clear frontrunner, and that in fact it’s “a nine-way race with a crazy process in which there are no kingmakers and jerry/scott/eric are waiting to see.” Son of Ted