Strike Blogging

The TWU’s Web site is crashing, so the union has set up a blog of its own, and has democratically left the comments section open. There are 300 comments on the last post, and counting; they seem to be breaking about three to one against the union (though the comments seem to come in waves).

Some samples:

“The TWU is a bunch of communist douche bags that’s ruining Christmas for everyone.”

“You guys really have a lot of balls. All you do is drive around in circles. Your job isn’t hard at all. You get paid as much as cops and firemen, while much more as teachers. Something is wrong. You’re asking for way too much here. Back down and know your roll. You guys aren’t as high and as mighty as you thing.”

“Murder? Terrorists? Are you people on crack? Thanks to people like you, these words only lose the impact of its very definition. Working for the public does not mean inequality. No decent person can argue that the MTA workers are wealthy enough to be considered greedy. If you can’t see this, you ought to work in the tunnels that are carelesslt loitered by riders and infested with rats first perhaps.”

“Good luck guys! I am going to have to bike to work in 20 degree weather, but I’m still behind you one-hundred percent. Why isn’t any one saying they want to spit on Bloomberg or the MTA? They are the one’s causing this. If they’d put forward a reasonably offer, the TWU wouldn’t have been forced into this end-game. I applaud your conviction in this era of weakening unions.”

“I am disabled with Kidney failure, and need to get to my doctors office on 96th street for a life sustaining injection, due to your selfish “strike” you have now put my health at risk. IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS I WILL SUE YOU IF I SUFFER AS A RESULT. It is sickening that TWU workers who admittedly on tv make $48K a year think they are ‘suffering’ while a dying disabled person such as myself my live on less than $9,000 a year.” Strike Blogging