Since our friends at The Politicker seem to have fallen asleep on that tempting Hyatt carpet, The Transom will gleefully announce that, as of 3:05 a.m., the transit strike is on.

Of course, we couldn’t be more excited about the strike, a feeling not much shared in other quarters of the paper. Here are the principles on which we endorse, nay, celebrate this nascent strike:

1. Poor people stay in their own boroughs and do not clutter up nice boroughs.
2. Really, really easy to get hot guys into our capacious East Village apartment tonight.
3. Principles.
4. Those bloody loud whistley kneel-ey buses that sound like a parody of a child’s choo-choo train.
5. Fight the power.
6. Looking forward to flashing the special New York Times buses that will depart Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights for 43rd Street beginning at 7:30 a.m., and the one that runs down Broadway and stops at 145th Street, 110th Street and 96th Streets in Manhattan. Also you might like to know that anyone with a NYT ID card can get on those buses, and how hard can those be to fake up?

The rest of ya, enjoy your bike rides to work. Current temperature: 23 degrees. Strrrrrrike!