Suozzi on the Town

The Suozzi sightings are starting to proliferate. He had breakfast at the Regency yesterday morning with the head of the New York City Partnership, Kathy Wylde. They were discussing “regional issues,” according to Suozzi aide Kim Devlin, though one imagines that Wylde’s constituents in the business community wouldn’t mind seeing Eliot taken down.

And who should Suozzi he run into at the Regency but Ken Langone? A pure coincidence, Devlin said, adding that the men just spoke briefly.

Then, yesterday evening, Suozzi swung by the Harlem Family Christmas Party, a staff-heavy affair that’s a long way from Nassau County. But he’s not unreasonable to think there might be an opening against Eliot there.

UPDATE: Partnership spokesman Brian Mahanna emails: “The Partnership meets regularly with elected officials from across the state, including Attorney General Spitzer, and meeting with the Naussau County executive and co-chair of New York Metropolitan Transportation Council to share views on regional cooperation on transit, Medicaid and other issues of mutual concern was in no way a political statement.” Suozzi on the Town