The $171 Vote

Mike‘s spending, at $103 a vote — compared to Freddy‘s $19 votes — got a lot of attention today.

But the Mayor was not, it turns out, the least efficient politician this year.

That honor goes to Manhattan Borough President candidate Carlos Manzano who — with the taxpayers’ generous help — spent $171 per vote in the Democratic Primary, which he did not win.

That was an expensive race. Two others among the losers also ran up impressive inefficiencies: Adriano Espaillat spent $75 per vote, and Brian Ellner $64 per vote.

The City Council, with its lower caps and less competition, produced less egregious results. The general election inefficiency champ appears to be Melinda Katz of Queens, who spent $26 on each vote without public financing.

Back in the primary, though, the inefficiency prize goes to Bronx City Council candidate Steve Kaufman, who spent $78 on each vote. But he was spending Mike Bloomberg’s money, so who’s counting? The $171 Vote