Weekend Roundup: Harvey, Russians, and Rich Kids

Even with a new company starting up, Harvey Weinstein has found time for real estate endeavors to ease the transition. Recently, the Weinstein Company purchased the old Miramax office in Tribeca. And now, Mr. Weinstein is buying a couple apartments at 55 Wall Street for the talent, according to the New York Post.

Sam Waterston takes a break from his Law & Order duties to fight for a Chelsea seminary’s right to build a 17-story building.

The Times discovers that “strangely organic yet somewhat self-consciously cutting-edge neighborhood” sprouting around the High Line. Ritzy restauranteurs, starchitects, and gallerists all get in on the action.

Not content with just building a hotel over the High Line (and dating Uma), André Balazs is developing a luxury condo near Wall Street.

Brighton Beach Russians say Net! to the smoking ban.

And York Prep students get ready for reality television.

-Michael Calderone Weekend Roundup: Harvey, Russians, and Rich Kids