Weinstein Co. Buys Old Miramax Office

When the Weinstein brothers broke ties with Disney last April, there were a few matters that needed to be addressed, including real estate. As part of their settlement agreement, The Weinstein Company recently purchased a 3rd floor office at 375 Greenwich Street for $2.2 million, according to public records.

Conveniently, the 6,930-square-foot office had been home to Miramax for several years. While Harvey and Bob might have to toss out the Mickey Mouse stationary, they can keep their hip, Tribeca digs. The Tribeca Film Center offices and Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Grill are located in the same building.

Now that they’ve avoided being tossed on the street with a cardboard box full of Oscars, the Weinstein brothers can continue gathering billionaire and celebrity investors for their post-Miramax filmmaking venture.

A Weinstein Company spokesperson declined to comment about the purchase.

-Michael Calderone Weinstein Co. Buys Old Miramax Office