Weldian Personae

Bill Weld’s green new Web site is up…nice-looking but a little odd.

In particular, there’s the section headed “Weld Walks the Line in Governor’s Race” which begins, “William F. Weld has more than one persona to carry him through what already is shaping up to be a lively, contested race for governor next year. Click here…

The link takes you…nowhere. (It’s actually from a Newsday story, but you wouldn’t know.)

UPDATE: They fixed the link. Whew.

UPDATE II: Urban Elephants spots some odd math on the site: Weld is claiming 78.4% of the Republican chairs’ vote. Scott writes: “Weld’s vote amounted to 43.2% of the total weighted statewide GOP electorate or 23 county chairs. But taking the weight of those who were present and voted, Weld’s share does indeed add up to roughly 78.4%.” Weldian Personae