Whose Line Is It Anyway? George & Rudy Edition

“On September 11, I cannot tell you the number of times I said, ‘Thank God President Bush is the leader of our country.'”

It’s a familiar line, right? Rudy, you may recall, said something rather similar during the Republican National Convention.

And it worked so well that George Pataki seems to have borrowed it. The line above is from the Gov’s stump speech, delivered Wednesday evening in New Hampshire and rebroadcast yesterday evening for eager CSPAN viewers. (Don’t ask.)

The cable channel’s Road to the White House program featured a solid half-hour of Pataki standing in front of a red wall greeting county and city Republican Party chairs at the New Hampshire GOP’s holiday reception. (Part I: Of course I remember meeting you before. “Great time.” Part II: Grin and Grip. Part III: Thanks, see you soon, it’s cold in New York too. If possible, the whole affair seemed less fun than mediating a transit strike.)

And God, it seems, had a lot of good feedback on 9/11 about His role in 2000 in Florida.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? George & Rudy Edition