A Burning Bye-Bye from Jess

I have some exciting news, and some sad news. And since I’m posting this, I can’t ask which you’d like to hear first. So here goes…

Exciting news: Starting next week, I’m embarking on a non-fiction book project. The topic is Burning Man, the desert arts festival that has lured me West for four straight summers.The book is signed up for publication with a major house in June of 2007.

Sad news: I’ll be working on the book full time for the next few months, which means I’m leaving my post at The Observer and, consequently, at The Politicker. This place means a ton to me and, were it not for the book opportunity, I’d planned to stick around until y’all were utterly sick of me.

You guys have been wonderful – tolerating my terrible sense of humor, throwing tips and Molotov cocktails in equal measure – and I’ll miss you. So please wish me luck and, if you’d like to stay in touch, drop me a line soon and I’ll pass along my updated contact info. I’ll be here ‘til Friday. A Burning Bye-Bye from Jess