Against the Lamp-Post, In the Gutter

Architecture blog and Curbed cousin The Gutter is back from holiday hiatus, with this observation about Christmas blockbuster King Kong:

… [T]he period set of Ye Olde Nieue Yorke that erstwhile wizard Peter Jackson assembled is lined—no: studded—with lamp posts of a retro-nostalgic type that only began to appear en masse in NYC in the early 1990s. And not where Kong saw them. Erp. Call rewrite.

Of course, a long and difficult movie like King Kong is bound to be full of little filmic blunders, but around here we want to hear from New York history wonks, not film editors. Write in with more.

Oh: And we know the picture above is not from King Kong. It’s Singin’ in the Rain, which just seemed appropriate today.

– Tom McGeveran Against the Lamp-Post, In the Gutter