Atlantic Yards Flare-Up

Writing in Our Time Press, a black Brooklyn paper, Daily News columnist Errol Louis fires back at some of the Atlantic Yards critics. (Louis, by incidentally, is a sometime co-conspirator of Mark Winston Griffith, whose thoughts on the opposite side of the same project drew some attention recently.)

Here’s the nut: A project opponent “is pretending to be concerned that the minority businesses getting in on Atlantic Yards happen not to be based in Brooklyn. In reality, opponents of Atlantic Yards have demonstrated that they couldn’t care less about black businesses or black economic empowerment in Brooklyn or anywhere else.

“Last year, for instance, on the busiest shopping day of the year, a group of misguided ministers joined Councilwoman Tish James in an attempted one-day boycott of stores in Atlantic Terminal Mall, which is run by the same developer behind the Atlantic Yards Project. The boycott flopped, but if it had succeeded it might have harmed local residents: of the 1,688 employees who worked in the mall at the time, 81% lived within 5 miles of Atlantic Terminal and 48% within 2 miles.

“The pro-boycott people didn’t mind putting other people’s jobs at risk.” Atlantic Yards Flare-Up