Major combat operations in the War on Christmas have, I’m proud to say, ended. Only a few elven dead-enders and their bearded ringleader remain at large.

So The Politicker can get back to updating daily, starting slowly today, which seems to be the kind of semi-holiday celebrated by the suspension of alternate-side parking regulations.

The days The Politicker was off turned out not to be as quiet as hoped. Along with the War on Christmas and the end of a transit strike (and, relatedly, of Pirro for Senate) were an expanding story on domestic spying that brought the word “impeachment” a little closer in from the margins. And blogging turns out to be as addictive as promised, so I walked around muttering to myself about these things and formulating some of the retrospective posts that (sorry) you’ll be seeing over the next few days.

There should also be some technological upgrades to the site coming along soon.

Thanks for reading.