“Brooklyn Views”

Typically anti-Ratner sites are a bit ranty, and fall back on community board and planning jargon that is too boring to sift through for most people.

Architect Jonathan Cohn has been blogging for the last month or so about the Ratner project in downtown Brooklyn, on a site called Brooklyn Views.

It’s a rather sober architect’s view–though decidedly anti-Ratner–and develops as simple and straightforward an argument against the scheme as you’ll find anywhere on the Web, without a lot of vitriol. And a lot of neat little models.

Note: Daniel Goldstein writes to say that the project is not really in Downtown Brooklyn, but Prospect Heights.

Really, he’s right, and his argument is here, if you’re interested.

Prospect Heightsers stuffed the Curbed ballot box to make it the web site’s Best Neighborhood of 2005, and now messing with the neighborhood is not OK.

– Tom McGeveran “Brooklyn Views”