But Where Is [em]West[/em] 14th Street?

Via The Walk Through:

A new Google mash-up, StreetEasy.com, that plots local apartment and townhouse listings on Google maps.

Are we alone in finding these mash-ups more fun than useful, though? Searching for a condo near our offices (in the Flatiron District) for under $500,000, we got a Corcoran listing. We could have gotten the Corcoran listing using the same search parameters at Corcoran.com, or on any number of other real-estate search engines (including the one at nytimes.com). And when you get to the Corcoran site, each listing has its own MapQuest map anyway. (Admittedly less pretty, but perfectly usable.) Not that the map helped much: We pretty much know where 7 East 14th Street is.

Maybe it’s more useful in the outer boroughs or the suburbs.

– Tom McGeveran

But Where Is [em]West[/em] 14th Street?