Charles Barron, On Message

Charles Barron‘s prime seat behind Hillary as she made her “plantation” slip won him some prime national time with Sean Hannity, in which he was top form.

He mostly refused to talk about Hillary, but did manage to take whacks at Andrew Cuomo, Bill Clinton, both political parties, the Zimbabwean opposition, and Hannity.

You can (should) watch the whole thing here. Highlights included his insistence on getting this out:

“You know, both comments are out of touch. But the real story we missed was Andrew Cuomo, who didn’t show up to any Martin Luther King event. He was in Las Vegas with some realtors at a paid speaking engagement, and we’re trying to get some information from him about attorney general.”

And also, this, to Hannity:

“You ain’t even worth my slap…I only slap people who are worth the end of my slap.” Charles Barron, On Message