Clinton as Clay? As a Blogger?

Bill Safire remarked Sunday that the way to run against Hillary is to adopt “the same campaign they used against Henry Clay…. You remember. ‘Clay can’t win.'”

In case you don’t remember, David Wissing explains, with a caveat:

“Now the one difference between Clay and Hillary is that Hillary actually has never lost a national election. Clay’s reputation as some who ‘couldn’t win’ was earned over his three defeats whereas the thought that Hillary ‘can’t win’ is only a theory at the moment.”

A theory, I’d add, that the New York State Republican Party is doing its best to discredit.

Kaus, meanwhile, notes the absurdity of the notion that Hillary would write a blog to hit at “Hillary’s characterological inhospitability to the bloggerly virtues.”

Clinton as Clay? As a Blogger?