D’Amato’s Revenge

Everything that was implicit in that Times Union story emerged in an astonishing little segment on NY1 just now, in which New York’s senior GOP figure, former Senator Alfonse D’Amato, did his best to wreck Bill Weld’s bid for Governor.

“Well let’s say that Bill Weld is not a favorite of mine,” D’Amato began, with little prompting. “And I would support certainly John Faso, who’s been in the vineyards and has worked hard, and will not have to explain the multi-million dollar looting of these poor kids down in Tennessee [Kentucky, but never mind] who went to this sham college or sham institution that Weld — here’s this great lawyer, this great justice department official –presided over…”

This really does stem, it seems, from a failed prosecution of Al’s brother, which Weld has said he doesn’t even remember, and which involved — of course — lobbying.

“There was no crime and yet they prosecuted him. I don’t have kindly feelings towards [Weld] and I don’t think anyone would in my position,” is D’Amato’s version.

Guy nurses his grudges. And the amount of trouble he can make for Weld in GOP circles is almost unlimited.

(On the other hand, doesn’t this bolster Weld’s outsider credentials? He isn’t exactly running as the heir to the D’Amato-Pataki machine. Yes, it must all be part of his grand plan…)

Back in reality, the scrap for the GOP nomination looks wide, wide open again. D’Amato’s Revenge