Eliot Calling

The Politicker has obtained a recording of Eliot Spitzer‘s canned-call, a straightforward 30-second spot that steers voters to his Web site. A source says that this isn’t a targeted call to a few voters, but a larger statewide program. And this is only the beginning:

“In the coming months I’ll be calling periodically to share my ideas about how we can create new jobs, lower taxes, reform Albany, and improve the quality of health care and education,” Spitzer says on the call.

Which is to say that Eliot is running a seriously unconventional campaign. This is very early to start spending money — and putting out calls like this, in numbers relevant to a statewide campaign, can’t be cheap. Conventional wisdom would have him saving most of that money for a few weeks of television. But Spitzer has always kept his own political counsel. Eliot Calling