Friday IMterview: Philippe Reines

Hillary spokesman Philippe Reines is the subject of today’s IMterview, an almost-regular Friday Politicker feature. (Two Hillary spokesmen in a

Hillary spokesman Philippe Reines is the subject of today’s IMterview, an almost-regular Friday Politicker feature. (Two Hillary spokesmen in a row? Well, why not?)

benobserver: You find yourself saying “no” to the press a lot. Do you enjoy that?

[reines]: this is a trick question, in that if i answer yes i am mean, if i answer “no” i am reinforcing the question

benobserver: good point.
benobserver: not a very interesting question anyway
benobserver: next question
benobserver: What have you been fielding the most quetsions on? War? 2008? Heating oil?

[reines]: it’s been a relatively slow week, havent been answering much of anything. but i’d say over the last few months, people have focused on the war
[reines]: but someone also asked about the Senator’s habits to combat jet lag. that was my favorite

benobserver: does she have a secret?
benobserver: ambien?

[reines]: she is indefagitable

benobserver: about that war
benobserver: is she backing away from her support for it?

[reines]: I’m sure you’ve had a chance to read her letter to her constituents:
in it, she laid out a thoughtful explanation to her constituents of her position on Iraq, reiterating her disagreement with the way the President has used the authority granted to him and her consistent criticism of the way he has prosecuted the war.

benobserver: Yes, thanks.
benobserver: unrelatedly
benobserver: Mickey Kaus wrote the other day that Hillary would be a terrible blogger, mostly bc she’s too cautious.

[reines]: i’ve never seen her fail at anything, so i am sure she’d make a wonderful blogger

benobserver: What about you? Maybe you should have a blog.

[reines]: i on the other hand have failed at many things, so it’s quite possible that I’d be a horrible blogger.

benobserver: lol
benobserver: Perhaps you’re too cautious.

[reines]: been called many things, never cautious

benobserver: At what have you failed most spectacularly?

[reines]: well, for example, i have always strived to figure out why objects in the side view mirror dont appear as close as they really are
and i have failed miserably

benobserver: ok I think that’s probably as much as anyone wants to read of the two of us.
benobserver: thank you Philippe
benobserver: unless you have something you feel needs to get out

[reines]: that was painless. but i didnt have a chance to use an emoticon

benobserver: Now’s your chance
benobserver: Which emoticon
benobserver: best expresses the way Hillary
benobserver: feels today?

[reines]: well, my emotions about this are mixed

benobserver: Who cares about your emotions?

[reines]: was that desgined to clarify my mixed emotions and replace them with pain, hurt and deflation? where is the pain, hurt and deflation emoticon…


[reines]: ok, now we’re done

benobserver: Thanks.
benobserver: I take full responsibility for any inanity.

Friday IMterview: Philippe Reines