Golisano Speaks. Sort Of.

The New York Press’s Azi got Tom on the phone a little while after the news that he had pulled out broke (unbeknownst to Azi).

Here’s the exchange:

Tom Golisano: “Surprised to hear back from me? What can I do for ya?”

Azi: “I was kind of wondering what your announcement was going to be.”

TG: “In your phone message to me, you said you wanted to talk about Paychex.”

Me: “I was doing a broader story about—”

TG: “I’m not doing any political interviews.”

[Azi, flailing, asks how Paychex has been doing in the last few years.]

TG: “Are you a financial reporter?”

Azi: “No I’m not. I’m a political reporter.”

TG: “Well then, forget about it. Okay?”

Golisano Speaks. Sort Of.