Hard Questions for Rudy Giuliani

The hard-hitting glossy Gotham scored a rare interview with Rudy Giuliani, and put their time to good use.

Here are the questions, from the “Exclusive!” Rudy & Judy interview Gotham’s new Yearbook:

Gotham: What civic activities will you participate in this year?
Gotham: What are your hobbies?
Gotham: Do you have a favorite kind of food?
Gotham: Which do you prefer, Uptown or Downtown?
Gotham: Where do you most enjoy wandering in the city?
Gotham: What do you consider the best time of year in New York?
Gotham: Does travel play a big part in your lives?
Gotham: What Broadway shows would you like to see in 2006?
Gotham: What kind of music do you enjoy?
Gotham: What will you remember about 2005?
Gotham: What are you looking forward to in the New Year?
Gotham: What do you do for exercise?
Gotham: Would you live anywhere else besides New York?

The story isn’t online, but I can reveal that the answer to most of the questions is “golf.”

I called up Rudy spokeswoman Sunny Mindel to check when the Observer’s interview was scheduled, and put a few of these tough questions to her personally.

“Any day that I’m ambulatory is a good day in New York,” she said. Hard Questions for Rudy Giuliani