Hillary Gala: Don’t Forget Bottled Water

A reader with a fuller nightlife than mine notes that Hillary made an unusual choice in deciding to stage her “Late Night With Hillary” re-election fundraiser later this month at the New York branch of the Ibizi nightclub Pacha.

When the place opened a few weeks ago, the Post reported, it “was quickly shut down … hours after its grand opening, when the West Side club grew overcrowded and one partygoer collapsed from a drug overdose.”

Still, the Post reported, the place was a hit, featuring “dancers in bikinis gyrating in glass-enclosed showers overlooking the dance floor and waitresses serving drinks wearing nothing more than body paint.”

Over in Hillaryland, they’re apparently debating right now which campaign aides go in the showers, and which get the body paint. Hillary Gala: Don’t Forget Bottled Water